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Liz Johnson RVT

Veterinary Technician

Liz has always been driven to care for both people and animals, and her career as a Veterinary Technician allows her to get the best of both worlds. She also loves the multiple roles she takes on every day—anesthesiologist, x-ray tech, surgical assistant, nurse, dental hygienist, and more!

Born and raised in Turlock where most of her family lived, Liz was attending Modesto Junior College completing her general education requirements when she went into the Agriculture building to use the vending machines. She looked around and noticed a brochure for the vet tech program, and the rest is history!

Liz is married to her husband Ben, and they have adopted several kittens since she started working at Ceres Veterinary Clinic in 2012: Luther, Larry, Norman, Enola, Bill, and Crabby. She also has five other cats, Alligator, Chester, Mushu, Kitty, and Mia, two constrictor snakes, an assortment of fish, a tortoise named Beetlejuice, a Basset/Lab Mix named Zen, an Aussie mix named Gigi and a Catahoula Hound named Zeuss!

Liz says her greatest personal achievements are her family, education, pets, and career. When she’s not tending to one of them, she likes traveling, reading, art, music, and scary movies.

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Photo of  Liz  Johnson RVT

April Baez

Kennel Assistant

When she was in high school, April realized she wanted to pursue a career doing something she loved, rather than go through life merely tolerating her job. She’d always had a soft spot for animals, so she decided to try out the veterinary profession!

April grew up in Livingston with her three sisters. After researching different schools, April found the Veterinary Technician program at Modesto Jr. College. After two years of hard studying, she graduated in 2012 and began searching for employment. She started volunteering at Ceres Veterinary Clinic, then was hired on as a Kennel Assistant.

April loves assisting animals and learning how to handle them. She also likes checking on animals to make sure they’re comfortable or warm enough after a procedure or surgery.

Outside of work, April’s main hobby is creating flower arrangements. She loves seeing the happiness in peoples’ faces when they receive one of her bouquets. April has two dogs of her own: a Chihuahua named Kiara and a dachshund named Kora.

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Photo of  April  Baez

Kendra Mattox

Kennel Technician

Kendra can’t remember a time growing up when she didn’t have a little furry friend by her side. Whenever one was hurt or sick, she always wanted to make them feel better. She entered the veterinary field to make other peoples’ pets comfortable and happy!

Kendra grew up in Ceres. After working at two separate animal hospitals and gaining valuable experience, she was offered a full-time position at Ceres Veterinary Clinic. She couldn’t pass up the opportunity, and now works as the Kennel Technician. She especially likes watching the doctors perform surgery and learning about the animals’ anatomy. Kendra also likes radiology and seeing the internal structures of a pet.

At home, Kendra has two cats: Oliver and Oreo. She loves horseback riding, which has been her passion for as long as she can remember. She even used to be a member of her county’s 4H Equestrian Drill Team and would ride in parades and open for rodeos!

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Photo of  Kendra  Mattox

Kellie Wilson RVT

Veterinary Technician

Born and raised in Modesto, Kellie has been working in the veterinary field for the past 13 years. She’s currently a Registered Veterinary Technician at Ceres Veterinary Clinic.

In 2006, Kellie attended evening classes at Modesto Junior College to become a certified veterinary technician. In early 2012, she took the state board test and passed on her first try to become a Registered Technician. She still attends many continuing education classes to keep up on the latest research and knowledge.

Kellie particularly likes bonding with pets and their owners. She enjoys educating clients and giving advice to pet owners. She loves her coworkers, and being able to have a career that fulfills her.

At home, Kellie lives with her husband Ryan, who she started dating at 16 years of age, and their two daughters, Alyssa and Kylie. When she’s not at work, Kellie is either bonding with her girls or her poodle named Sally and her Himalayan cat, Sassy.

Kellie enjoys scrapbooking and attempting to capture all family memories on camera. She also likes being creative making hair bows, signs, jewelry, and anything she can add a bit of personal touch to.

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Photo of  Kellie  Wilson RVT

Yvonne Henselman


Yvonne grew up in Santa Cruz and Boulder Creek, and her home was always filled with a menagerie of pets including dogs, cats, chickens, a hamster, rabbits, ducks, and even geese! Now she greets clients and cares for pets daily as a receptionist at Ceres Veterinary Clinic.

Yvonne used to clean houses in the San Jose area. Through her work, she’d become good friends with the office manager of Ceres Veterinary Clinic, who had an opening for a receptionist position. Yvonne jumped at the chance to help people with their beloved pets and started in May of 2006.

In her spare time, Yvonne likes framing pictures, antique shopping, gardening, working on her home, and spending time with her children and grandchildren. She’s married to her husband Harvey, and they have three children who have children of their own. Currently, Yvonne has five cats, a dog, and six beautiful goldfish.

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Winnie Johnston

Lead Receptionist

Every summer as a kid, Winnie would go to her uncle’s Large Animal veterinary practice and soak up all the knowledge she could. Her uncle would even take her out on calls with him, and Winnie’s passion for veterinary care blossomed from there!

Winnie was born and raised in Modesto in a family of animal lovers. After working at a K9 training and boarding kennel, she wanted to learn and do more in the field. She’d heard talk of a great veterinary practice in Ceres that was hiring, so she applied. She started as the Lead Receptionist in January of 2008 and couldn’t be happier to be part of the Ceres Veterinary family!

Every day, Winnie gets up looking forward to greeting and meeting the needs of her clients. She strives to ensure clients that their pet isn’t the only one that’s important to her—the clients themselves are too.

Winnie is married to her husband Kit and has two daughters, Michelle and Jessica. She has five dogs: Haylie, an Australian shepherd, Chip, a Border Collie; Bubba Sue and Gus Gus, Chihuahuas; and Lt. Dan, a two legged doxie/chi mix. She also has two cats named Olaf and Sven, a turtle, and a pond full of fish!

In her spare time, Winnie enjoys cooking and baking, spending time with her girls, and fishing with her husband. She also enjoys knitting by the fire on cold days.

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Shelby Rich

Veterinary Technician

Shelby has always enjoyed helping both people and animals. Having the opportunity to work in a career where she can do both brings her great joy. Shelby has be raising animals since she was a small child. Working in the veterinary industry is a great fit for her.

Shelby grew up in Tracy, CA. After high school she attended Modesto Junior College for veterinary technology and animal science. After working in the field gaining knowledge she was hired on at Ceres Veterinary Clinic.

Outside of work Shelby enjoys camping, scrapbooking, working on her truck, and spending time with her family. Shelby has two dogs; Monkey and Rocky, a cat; Mrs. Bigglesworth, and three goats; Zues, Hercules, and Willis.

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Amanda Fowler

Veterinary Technician

Amanda’s passion for animals began in childhood. She grew up in Deerfield Beach, Florida, where she enjoyed competing in horse shows as well as spending time at the beach. Her passion developed into a career when she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Equine Physical Therapy from Midway University in 2007.

While attending Midway, she competed in IHSA, eventually becoming captain of the English riding team. As an equine therapist, she worked at prestigious tracks such as Churchill Downs and Keeneland until she moved out of state to join her husband, who was serving in the US Army.

Once they moved to California, Amanda began pursuing her ultimate passion of becoming a veterinarian. She has been taking night classes at UC Berkeley to fulfill the final prerequisite courses she needs to apply to vet school. Amanda joined the Ceres Vet team in 2015, she enjoys educating clients and strives to learn something new every day!

Amanda and her husband Andy have four horses, Honor, Rocket, Doc, and Hogan. They also have two dogs they adopted from local shelters, Dakota and C.J., and a mischievous cat named Calypso.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys riding, skiing, reading, and kayaking.

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