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Pampering Your Elderly Cat
February 1, 2014

Is your cat entering her golden years? Follow these tips from a Ceres vet to pamper your cat as she ages.

Quiet Time

Your older cat will really appreciate a quiet place in a low-traffic room. This safe haven will provide an outlet from stressful situations, like guests, rowdy children, or other inquisitive pets. A quiet corner in a back room will work fine—put a bed or soft blanket down and show your kitty to the spot.


Older cats might not be able to groom themselves as well as they could when they were younger. Your feline will probably like some help in this department, especially if she’s suffering from arthritis. Brush your cat regularly, bathe if needed, and keep her nails carefully trimmed. Ask your veterinarian for advice on performing these procedures. They double as great bonding time between pet and owner!


A gentle massage will help loosen stiff muscles and feel good on aching joints. Most older cats will appreciate a soft massage every now and then, but don’t force it if your cat seems uncomfortable. You can try a gentle massage yourself or, if you’d like, call a professional and have your cat massaged at a pet spa.

New Bed

That old bed that your cat’s been sleeping on for years has probably lost some of its cushioning. Purchase a soft, plush new bed for your elderly cat. She’ll love the feeling of bedding down in a soft, warm spot at the end of the day to rest her bones and muscles.

More Litter Boxes

Elderly cats don’t want to traipse up or down flights of stairs to use the bathroom. If you only used one litter box all these years, consider adding more. One on each floor can be very helpful for an older cat so they don’t have to worry about the stairs.

Ask your Ceres veterinary professional for more tips on pampering and assisting your elderly cat.


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