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Dealing with an Aggressive Dog
June 1, 2014

Aggressive dogs can be troublesome to live with, and even dangerous if the condition is serious enough. Luckily, most aggressive dogs can be dealt with. Learn more about aggression in dogs from a Ceres vet below.

What Exactly is Aggression?

Canine aggression can refer to several behaviors that usually start with a warning and end with an attack. Some of the signs of aggression in dogs are: making the body rigid, lunging forward, growling, showing teeth, snapping and snarling, or even biting. Some of these signs might even occur simultaneously. It is rare, though, that dogs bite without any sort of warning.

Why is My Dog Aggressive?

There are many possible reasons that a dog is aggressive. Some dogs are territorial, and will do anything necessary to protect their space. Others are aggressive to protect their offspring, their owners, or themselves. Some are aggressive out of fear—if they can’t escape from what they’re frightened of, they will attack it. Still others are aggressive because of pain. A dog could be injured, visibly or not, and be acting out as a response to the discomfort.

What Should I Do If My Dog is Aggressive?

You should always call your veterinary professional if your dog is exhibiting aggressive behavior. Don’t try to deal with the problem yourself—it could result in serious injury. In addition, if your dog is acting aggressive because of pain, a veterinarian will be able to diagnose the problem and treat your dog, effectively fixing the behavior in most cases.

Your veterinarian may refer you to a certified animal behaviorist or animal trainer. These professionals can help modify your pet’s behavior. They will develop a customized treatment plan for your dog that will hopefully fix the behavior and get your family’s life back under control. They will also advise you on limiting situations or factors that may trigger an aggressive dog’s behavior. Call your Ceres veterinarian’s office today .


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