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Keep Your Pet Safe When it Gets Hot
July 1, 2014

As the summer sun continues to beat down, we need to take steps to ensure our pets stay healthy as the heat rises. Find out how from a Ceres veterinarian.


Water and continued hydration is the most important factor in keeping your dog or cat safe in the heat. Always keep your pet hydrated with cool, fresh water by supplying a dish or bottle at all times. If your pet stays outside for extended periods, put the water dish in a shaded area and check on it often to refill. Watch for signs of overheating in your pet, like dizziness, difficulty breathing, drooling, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, and collapse. Call your veterinary professional immediately if you witness these signs.


Along with water, a cool shady spot will do wonders to help your pet cool off. If there are no trees in your yard that provide shade, set up an awning or tent structure that will provide a shaded space. Allow your pet to come inside every once in a while, too.

Car Safety

Never leave pets alone in a car during the hot summer days. The temperature inside a car can skyrocket to over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes, even when the temperature outdoors is only in the 70s or 80s. Even cracking windows won’t offer relief—either bring your pet inside with you or leave him at home.

No Shaving

It might seem like a good idea to trim down your dog’s fur to give him relief from the warmth, but it is in fact more dangerous. Your dog’s fur protects him from sunburn and overheating, so you should never trim or shave it off.


Even pets with all their fur intact can get sunburnt on exposed areas like the nose and the tips of the ears. You can use a pet-safe sunscreen to cover up these areas. Don’t use human sunscreen, as it’s not formulated for animal skin. Ask your Ceres vet for a recommendation on a sunscreen product to use on your cat or dog.


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