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Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners
October 1, 2014

Don’t get spooked this year by an emergency trip to your veterinarian’s clinic—keep your pets safe by following these tips from a Ceres vet for a safe Halloween.

No Chocolate

As most pet owners know, chocolate is highly poisonous to pets. All varieties of chocolate, including milk, dark, semi-sweet, white, and baker’s, can cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, and even seizures and coma in severe cases. Keep all Halloween chocolates out of your pet’s reach.

No Candy

Candies and gum sweetened with xylitol are highly toxic to pets—just a few pieces of candy or gum can cause severe symptoms, so it’s very important to keep pets away from all xylitol-sweetened treats. Store them in sealed containers or in locked cabinets, and don’t let your pet near the trick-or-treat bowl. If your pet does accidentally swallow any candy, gum, or chocolate, call your veterinarian as you transport your pet to your Ceres vet’s office.

Careful with Costumes

Thinking of dressing your pet up in a festive Halloween costume? Just make sure it won’t stress your pet out too much. Some cats and dogs will get overwhelmed and upset by being constrained in a costume. In addition, some costumes might contain small, breakable pieces that could present a choking hazard.

Decoration Hazards

While pumpkin and decorative corn aren’t necessarily toxic, too much of either substance can cause gastrointestinal upset in a pet. Don’t let your furry friend indulge in these popular Halloween decorations.

Trick-or-Treat Safety

Is your pet one that likes to go crazy every time the doorbell rings? Trick-or-treat night might be nightmare. If necessary, consider tethering your pet or keeping him or her in a sealed room. You don’t want your pet to dash out an open door when you open it for trick-or-treaters.

Ask your veterinarian for more helpful tips on keeping pets safe and sound this holiday, and have a fun and happy Halloween with your furry companion!

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