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Great Resolutions for Our Pets
January 1, 2015

Even if you don’t plan on keeping your New Year’s resolution this year, make a commitment to someone else—your pet! Pet resolutions are a great way to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. Here are a few suggestions from your Ceres veterinary professional.

Weight Loss

It’s the most common resolution for humans—why not vow to have our pets lose some weight this year? Studies show that almost half of all domestic dogs and cats are over the weight limits for their age and breed. If you think your pet falls into that category, talk to your veterinarian about putting your pet on a diet and exercise routine. Your pet will look better, feel better, and avoid the potentially deadly complications of obesity like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis!

Teach an Old Pet a New Trick

Resolve to have your pet learn at least one new trick or command this year. Even cats can be trained successfully! Training is not only great mental stimulation for your pet, it’s wonderful bonding time between you and your companion. Your pet might learn fun tricks, like twirling or high-fiving, or useful commands like fetching or lying down. Ask your vet how to get started.

Regular Grooming

This year, promise your pet you’ll give her regular grooming sessions. They’ll make your pet look and feel great, and it doubles as great bonding time! Brush, bathe, and trim your pet as needed. These sessions can be especially useful for older pets who have a little more trouble grooming themselves.

Cut Down on Fatty Treats

Too many treats is another main contributor to the pet obesity epidemic. Treats should be used only as the occasional reward for good behavior. If you slip your pet treats whenever you feel like it, a lot of empty calories are building up in your pet’s body, leading to obesity. This year, resolve to cut back on the amount of treats you give your furry friend.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of possible New Year’s resolutions for your pet—there are many more! Have fun coming up with your own, and consult your Ceres veterinarian for more ideas.

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