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Caring for Your Special Senior Dog
February 1, 2015

Your ten-year-old cocker spaniel Moxie still prides herself on running the show. Every morning, this feisty pooch trots through your house, keeping her canine and human housemates on track with their daily routines. Although she’s getting older, your spunky dog still has considerable energy and zest for life. Since you’d like her to remain healthy, your Ceres veterinarian will give her a complete physical exam. If you’ve observed changes in Moxie’s food and water consumption, tell your vet. Note differences in your dog’s urination and defecation behaviors. The vet will tailor a senior health program for your deserving canine friend.

Nutritious, Delicious Senior Diet

Moxie’s adult dog food furnished her with high-level nutrition and good taste. She received quality protein, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. While she still requires these nutrients, the proportions have likely changed. Your dog should also reduce her calorie consumption, since she has slowed down.

Fortunately, your vet can give your charming girl some targeted dietary counseling. He’ll evaluate her nutritional needs , consider her daily activities and exercise, and likely recommend a quality senior dog diet. If Moxie had a chronic health condition, the vet might choose a food that supported her treatment program.

Professional and Home Dental Care

You’d like your dog to avoid painful dental disease, so you’re happy that her regular checkups include a close examination of her teeth and gums. The vet will recommend a thorough dental cleaning, performed while your pooch snoozes under anesthesia. Afterward, the vet will provide clear instructions on brushing Moxie’s teeth.

Continued Vital Vaccinations

Although your canine housemate has gotten older, she still requires vaccinations that protect her against infectious and dangerous canine diseases. Your vet will take your dog’s age, lifestyle, and health status into account before he administers the appropriate shots.

Beneficial Light Exercise

Moxie’s daily walks help her to prevent obesity. Ask the vet about walking restrictions, and inquire about other permissible exercise. Consider gentle fetch games and warm-water swims. If your canine companion seems to feel pain when she stands or walks normally, or scales the steps, inform your vet. He can prescribe medications and/or therapies that can help your dog to feel better.

During Moxie’s twice-yearly checkups, your Ceres veterinarian can tweak her health program. To get a tailored care plan for your senior dog, call us for expert assistance.

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