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Why Your Dog Might Be Rejecting His Food
April 1, 2015

Your golden retriever Chaz has been working toward his Canine Chowhound certification. This food-loving three-year-old dog has always had an exemplary appetite, and he usually finishes off the cat’s kibbles for dessert. Recently, however, your normally hungry pooch has been toying with his meals, only finishing a few bites before abandoning his bowl. Although you don’t know why Chaz has almost stopped eating, you’re worried about poor nutrition and a developing medical problem. Tomorrow, your Ceres veterinarian will give your dog a complete physical exam and evaluate his nutritional needs .

Undiscovered Dental Problem

Poor Chaz might be suffering from a hidden dental problem that makes eating very painful. Damaged teeth, facial or mouth sores, or even foreign objects might be easily visible. Don’t try to investigate further, as he probably won’t tolerate your fingers in his mouth. He might even become rather irritated. Take him to the vet, who will safely examine your pooch and address the underlying condition. Once your dog feels better, his appetite should return.

Unappealing Food Selection

Your pampered pooch has always enjoyed the best food you could buy. However, perhaps the latest batch’s expiration date has passed, and you didn’t realize it. Worse yet, the bag’s contents might have become spoiled. Your canine connoisseur has put his foot down: he’s not eating those compromised kibbles.

Constant Treat Windfall

You’ve never met a dog who turns down extra food; and your canine housemate is no exception. He’s a skillful treat panhandler, obtaining at least one tasty snack from almost everyone he targets. That’s just a warmup for his table begging, which gains him some really tasty morsels. Unfortunately, downing all these surplus calories has led to some weight gain. Stop this counterproductive behavior right now.

Food Enhancement Strategies

If Chaz is simply bored with his current kibbles, make his meals more fragrant and enticing. Sprinkle warm water over the dry mixture, giving it a better smell and taste. If your vet gives the green light, add some stinky warmed canned food. However, keep the contents from burning your pooch’s sensitive mouth.

After Chaz finally makes peace with his food, allow him to eat without interruptions, and heap on the praise afterward. Your Ceres veterinarian will be pleased that your dog’s appetite has returned. If your dog has lost interest in eating, call us for expert advice.

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