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Creating a Catio
November 1, 2020

Do you keep your feline pal in? If so, that’s great. Fluffy may think of herself as a fierce cougar, but she is actually quite small and vulnerable. Of course, your cat will benefit from the stimulation and entertainment the great outdoors provides. Why not give your pet the best of both worlds by offering her a catio? A local Ceres, CA vet offers some tips on how to do this below.


A screened-in porch or patio can be a perfect spot for a catio, but it isn’t the only choice. You can use a spare room, a sun room, or even just a bright corner. If you have a yard, you can also buy or make Fluffy a separate enclosure. You’ll find plans online, or you can even get a kit. You may be able to use a window for access, so you don’t have to make major structural changes. 


Setting out some pet-safe plants is a great way to give your cute pet’s catio an outdoorsy feel. It will also make your place look nice! Some good options are African violets, Rubber tree plants, Money trees, and Snake plants. You can also add some herbs, such as parsley, sage, oregano, and thyme. (Bonus: you’ll have fresh ingredients for cooking.) Check the ASPCA website for a full list of pet-safe plants.


No catio is complete without some fun toys. If your room is completely indoors, then you can add anything from catnip mice to little balls. If it’s on a porch or patio, stick with things that can withstand a little dust, such as hanging toys or automated laser pointers.


This is a great spot to add some furniture for your feline friend. Cat towers are a great choice, as they are ‘multipurrpose’ pieces, which offer kitties napping spots, scratching posts, jungle gyms, and lookout points. Fluffy may also enjoy a pet tent or tipi, or even a kitty exercise wheel. If you are working with a tight budget, or just enjoy making things, you can also go the DIY route. Look online for ideas and directions. Of course you’ll want to add a comfy chair for yourself, too. Catios make great spots for reading or drinking coffee.

Please reach out to us, your local Ceres, CA veterinary clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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