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Holiday Gifts for Dogs
December 1, 2020

Season’s Greetings! This year may be a bit light on the hustle and bustle, but there will still be smaller gatherings happening. People will also still take time to buy or make presents for their loved ones. Don’t forget to get something for your pup! A local Ceres, CA veterinarian lists some great holiday gifts for Fido in this article. 

T  oys

Fido is always at his most adorable when he spots a new plaything. Keep your pup’s age, size, and personality in mind when shopping. You can go with classic options, or try something more modern, like an automated ball launcher.


Don’t forget to put a few treats in Fido’s stocking! Your pooch will probably be over the moon with any type of doggy treat, but try to go with healthier options. Or, if you enjoy cooking, you can also make your own. You’ll find lots of great recipes online!


Has your furry pal’s bed seen better days? This is a great gift! If Fido is a large or senior dog, get him a good orthopedic bed. Smaller dogs may prefer beds with raised sides.

Travel Gear

Do you like to take your canine pal hiking, or to the beach? Get Fido a travel bag for these excursions! You’ll want to stock it with things like waste baggies, a tie-out line, collapsible dishes, sunscreen, treats, and a doggy first-aid kit.

Obedience Training

We know, if you put a course enrollment certificate in Fido’s stocking, he’ll probably just give you an adorably confused head tilt. That said, if your furry friend could stand to work on his petiquette, this would be a great gift. Think of it as a treat for yourself, too!

Yard Pupgrade

Do you have a yard for Fido to run around and chase squirrels in? Make it more dog-friendly by adding a few things just for him. A doghouse is, of course, a ‘paweome’ option. You can also add a kiddie pool, sandbox, or a dog run.

Pupscription Box

Some of our furry patients tend to go through toys faster than they can be replaced. Sign Fido up for a doggy toy subscription box!


Is Fido a larger breed? Is he getting up there in age? If so, he may appreciate a good doggy massage.

Happy Holidays from Ceres Veterinary Clinic, your local Ceres, CA animal hospital. Contact us anytime!

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