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Operations Manager and Registered Veterinary Technician
Born and raised in Modesto, Kellie has been working at Ceres Veterinary Clinic since 2001. She’s currently a Registered Veterinary Technician and the Operations Manager.

In 2006, Kellie attended evening classes at Modesto Junior College to become a certified veterinary technician. In early 2012, she took the state board test and passed on her first try to become a Registered Technician. She still attends many continuing education classes to keep up on the latest research and knowledge.

Kellie particularly likes bonding with pets and their owners. She enjoys educating clients and giving advice to pet owners. She loves her coworkers, and being able to have a career that fulfills her.

At home, Kellie lives with her husband Ryan, who she started dating at 16 years of age, and their two daughters, Alyssa and Kylie. When she’s not at work, Kellie is spending time with her family, which includes her poodle named Sallie Ann and her Hilmalayan cat, Sassy.

Kellie enjoys scrapbooking and attempting to capture all family memories on camera. She also likes being creative making hair bows, signs, jewelry, and anything she can add a bit of personal touch to.
Registered Veterinary Technician
Liz has always been driven to care for both people and animals, and her career as a registered veterinary technician allows her to do both. Working here at Ceres Veterinary Clinic since 2012, she loves the multiple roles she takes on every day at work. Surgical assistant, anesthesiologist, x-ray tech, dental hygienist, nurse, animal advocate and more.

Born and raised in Turlock, Liz was attending Modesto Junior College completing her general education when she happened to walk into the Agriculture building across campus to use the vending machines. After looking around, she found a vet tech program brochure and knew this is what she needed to do with her life.

Liz and her husband Ben enjoy all of the various animals they have rescued or adopted over the years. Providing a home for multiple cats, dogs, bunnies, tortoise, cockatoo, salamander, snakes and fish. Liz’s love for animals extends to every creature she encounters.

Liz says her greatest personal achievements will always be her family, pets, career and education. When she is not working or tending to her pets, she enjoys spending time with family, reading, music, art, traveling, outdoor adventures and scary movies!
Registered Veterinary Technician
Heidi always had pets growing up, but sometimes felt that she didn’t know enough to properly care for them. The older she got, the more she wanted to change that! Heidi decided to become a Registered Veterinary Technician to help of all of the pets she possibly could, and to help educate others on how to best care for their animal companions.

Heidi earned her Associate’s degree from Western Career College in 2002, and took her California State board exams the same year in order to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. She’s been advancing her own skillset and knowledge via continuing education efforts ever since!

Having previously worked with Dr. Olivas at another pet clinic, Heidi jumped at the chance to team up with her again and join a family of loving, compassionate pet owners just like herself. Her favorite part of working in veterinary medicine is that every single day is different—Heidi just never knows what she might experience next!

When time permits away from work, Heidi enjoys relaxing at home with her family. Along with her husband Daniel and their seven children—Ethan, Kayla, Logan, Ellie, Jacob, John, and Abigail—she shares her home with two loveable pets: Rio the Jack Russell terrier, and a Calico cat named Rebecca.
Veterinary Assistant
Kris decided to become a veterinary professional for one simple reason: to dedicate herself to helping all of the animals in need that she possibly could. As a Veterinary Technician with the Ceres Veterinary Clinic family, she gets to do just that on a daily basis!

Kris grew up in northern Idaho but visited California frequently as a child, moving to The Golden State when she was only 13 years old. She became a Veterinary Technician in 2011 at another pet hospital, then joined the team at another veterinary clinic in 2014 to grow her skillset even further.

Kris joined the Ceres Veterinary Clinic team in June of 2018, and has been helping the area’s pets and animal owners here ever since. She particularly likes learning new tips and tricks from the veterinarians and other Techs, and she’s committed to making sure that every animal visitor to the clinic has as fear-free an experience as possible.

Most of Kris’ free time away from work is spent with her family—they especially love to go camping, explore the river, and have barbeques with extended family. Kristy and her husband have a teenaged daughter, a son who plays T-ball, and a young son who participates in gymnastics.
Certified Veterinary Assistant
Ever since she can remember Jenny has had a heart for animals. Born and raised in Modesto, Jenny is the youngest of two sisters and twin brothers.

All through highschool she always knew she wanted to pursue a career with animals, after graduating high school she attended Carrington College in Stockton and after 2 years of hard work she graduated as a certified veterinary technician in 2016 and started volunteering at Ceres Veterinary Clinic for a couple months until she was hired as a kennel assistant. Jenny is now studying hard to receive her license and become a Registered Veterinary Technician. Jenny loves assisting the technicians and learning from them on how to take great care of every patient. Outside of work jenny loves to bake cupcakes for family events, spending time with family and her boyfriend. Jenny has two dogs of her own named Canelo and Kali.
Veterinary Assistant
It was a visit to a local veterinary hospital with her own pet that first inspired Lynea to work in animal care herself. The way that her worries were put to rest, and the way she saw her own companion cared for, made Lynea realize that she wanted to do the same for other pet owners! She’s able to do just that as a member of the Ceres Veterinary Clinic family.

Originally from Delhi, California, Lynea joined the hospital team in March of 2018 as a Veterinary Assistant. She can be found in the exam rooms taking patient histories and helping pet owners to better understand their companions’ healthcare needs, and she also loves to work behind the scenes by refilling medications and running in-house laboratory samples.

Lynea became engaged in 2017, and she has a young son who is the light of her life. As a family, they love to go on day trips to Santa Cruz or the mountains. Lynea also enjoys spending time at home with her own pets. She has three loveable companions: Jessie, a spunky Chihuahua; a Blue Tick coonhound named Lady Bird who packs a hefty bark; and a Desert Tortoise who goes by Sherman.
Veterinary Assistant
Kendra grew up in Newark, California with her parents, younger sister, and the constant companionship of the family pets. She even took horseback riding lessons and joined the Future Farmers of America organization, further developing her love for the earth’s creatures. For Kendra, a career spent helping others in the veterinary profession simply makes sense!

Kendra attended Modesto Junior College, and began interning here at Ceres Veterinary Clinic during her studies. It wasn’t long before she was offered a job—now, Kendra serves the area’s pets and animal owners as a Kennel Technician with the hospital team. She loves to soak up all of the knowledge she can from the clinic’s skilled doctors and Veterinary Technicians, and she also finds that she has a special affinity for dental work.

Away from work, Kendra likes horseback riding, camping, relaxing at the beach, and spending time with her family at home. She has one pet of her own: Duke, a dog who loves frolicking in the water and learning new commands.
Veterinary Assistant
Katie was always drawn to animals while growing up, and soon realized that she had a natural way with pets that others didn’t possess. Ever since, she wanted to work in the world of veterinary care! Now, Katie gets to live her dream—she helps both pets and their loving owners as a Veterinary Assistant here at Ceres Veterinary Clinic.

Katie is from Costa Mesa, California, and moved to this area with her partner to live closer to family. After spending some time being a stay-at-home mother to her wonderful daughter, Everly, Katie decided to rejoin the workforce. What better time to pursue her lifelong passion of animal medicine? She became a part of the Ceres Veterinary Clinic team in the summer of 2019 and hasn’t looked back since!

Around the clinic, Katie loves to witness the incredible bonds between pet parents and their animal companions. Her favorite part of every shift is getting to see how the team’s hard work, patience, and skill can completely change a patient’s life.

Most of Katie’s free time outside of the hospital is spent caring for her daughter. She’s also fond of reading, playing video games, painting, and spending quality time with her pets. Katie and her family share their home with Lucy, a feisty Queensland Heeler mix, as well as a fluffy cat named Lehua whose favorite pastime is teasing the dog.
Lead Client Care Specialist
Every summer as a kid, Winnie would go to her uncle’s Large Animal veterinary practice and soak up all the knowledge she could. Her uncle would even take her out on calls with him, and Winnie’s passion for veterinary care blossomed from there!

Winnie was born and raised in Modesto in a family of animal lovers. After working at a K9 training and boarding kennel, she wanted to learn and do more in the field. She’d heard talk of a great veterinary practice in Ceres that was hiring, so she applied. She started as the Lead Receptionist in January of 2008 and couldn’t be happier to be part of the Ceres Veterinary family!

Every day, Winnie gets up looking forward to greeting and meeting the needs of her clients. She strives to ensure clients that their pet isn’t the only one that’s important to her—the clients themselves are too.

Winnie is married to her husband Kit and has two daughters, Michelle and Jessica. She has four dogs: Chip, a Border Collie; Bubba Sue and Gus Gus, Chihuahuas; and Lt. Dan, a two legged doxie/chi mix. She also has two cats named Olaf and Sven, a turtle, and a pond full of fish!

In her spare time, Winnie enjoys cooking and baking, spending time with her girls, and fishing with her husband. She also enjoys knitting by the fire on cold days.
Client Care Specialist
Yvonne grew up in Santa Cruz and Boulder Creek, and her home was always filled with a menagerie of pets including dogs, cats, chickens, a hamster, rabbits, ducks, a pet gopher snake named Bertha, fish, birds, and her own horse. She hopes to own another horse someday when she retires. Now she greets clients and cares for pets daily as a receptionist at Ceres Veterinary Clinic. She has been with the Ceres Vet family since May 2006.
In her spare time, Yvonne likes to do craft projects and spending time with her 3 wonderful grown children and her 5 amazing grandchildren. Currently, Yvonne has two special cats, Fozzi and Skippy, whom she loves dearly.
Client Care Specialist
Christy has always loved the medical field, but her true passion was helping others. Plus, she adores pets—what better way to combine all three than by working in the veterinary field? Christy is a proud member of Ceres Veterinary Clinic’s front-desk team.

Christy is a Ceres native, and first entered the veterinary profession about eight years ago. She instantly fell in love with being able to use her skillset to help pets who can’t speak for themselves and depend entirely on us to make them feel better—that’s why she’s been working in veterinary care ever since! Christy joined the Ceres Veterinary Clinic family on the recommendation of a friend in June of 2018, and serves as a Client Care Specialist.

Outside of work, Christy loves to camp, fish, hike, and play and watch sports with her family. She and her husband, Zac, have two incredible children, Natalie and Jaxon, as well as a number of pets. The furry portion of the family includes Mason, a Black Labrador who considers himself the neighborhood watchdog; a cuddle-loving Terrier mix named Ella; Olivia, a rescued cat who plays fetch better than the dogs; and a cat named Ruger who Christy rescued from the Ceres Veterinary Clinic parking lot as a kitten.

Client Care Specialist
Vanessa was a client here at Ceres Veterinary Clinic before she became an employee. She always enjoyed the friendly staff and the knowledgeable doctors, so when the opportunity arose for her to join the team herself, she jumped at her chance! Now, Vanessa gets to help both pets and their owners on a daily basis as one of the clinic’s Client Care Specialists.

Vanessa grew up on a small farm in the Central Valley, so she’s been caring for the earth’s creatures ever since her earliest days. She joined the Ceres Veterinary Clinic team in February of 2018, and she’s been here ever since—Vanessa’s favorite part of her job is getting to work alongside a team of passionate and skilled professionals who love animals just as much as she does!

When she’s not here at the clinic, Vanessa can be found reading, gardening, or spending quality time at home with her husband and their menagerie of pets. The couple has two dogs who go by Briggs and Ollie, a rabbit named Nibbler, Bert the tortoise, and eight cats: Burton, Bo, Bonnie, Clyde, Coco, Holly, Kiki, and Grimm.

Client Care Specialist
I joined the Ceres Veterinary Clinic family in November 2016 after switching from human medical office management to animal medicine. Helping those without a voice leaves me feeling happy & content at the end of the day. And after going through a medical emergency with my own pet, I knew I wanted to be a comforting friend to help another worried pet parent should one be needed.
I was born & raised in Turlock, Ca but my husband & I moved to Modesto after we inherited our forever family home in 2013. 3 of our 5 children have grown & are in college pursuing their careers, while our 2 youngest keep us on our toes & enjoy being outdoors as often as possible. When I'm not at work our family loves to be camping, hiking or fishing. I also love dragging them to every local craft fair since I try to be creative & crafty.
I have been an animal lover as far back as I can remember and having a life long dream to open my own animal rescue. But so far, I just have a home full of fur babies, 2 dogs (Dixie and Buddy), 3 cats (Foxy, Lady and Mouse), 1 guinea pig (peanut) and 1 leopard gecko & I make myself available to foster cats and dogs in need.
Technician Assistant
Elle grew up in Atwater and spent a lot of time with the family pets during her formative years. She’s always wanted to learn more about proper pet care in order to give her own animal companions the love and attention they need. Now, Elle gets to make sure the pets of the area are happy, healthy, and well-cared for on a daily basis—she’s a Technician Assistant with the Ceres Veterinary Clinic team!

Elle attended Stellar Career College to earn her Veterinary Assistant’s certificate, and currently studies at Modesto Junior College. In the future, she hopes to attend the University of California, Davis to become a veterinarian herself! For now, Elle helps boarding pets here at Ceres Veterinary Clinic and loves to learn new things on a daily basis, especially about the various diseases that can afflict our animal companions.

Away from work, Elle is a fan of wrestling and helped her team reach the Girl’s Masters in 2016. At home, she and her family have two dogs: Oreo, the smart and calm one of the bunch, and the more rambunctious Mia.
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    • Sam MendoncaSam Mendonca

      If you want your pet to feel at home and in your heart know that it is well taken care of, no matter what the problem is, this is the place to take your loved one and know all is well.

    • Jennifer Purdom FortuneJennifer Purdom Fortune

      Dr. Cassiday and the rest of the staff are amazing!! One of my dogs suffers from seizures. Originally he was having 2-3 seizures every 3-4 weeks and there was a point last year where we didn't think he was going to make it. Dr. Cassiday worked hard to find a combination of medications that would work for our little guy. We just got home from our annual check up. I am happy to report Kilo is doing great and is 3.5 months seizure free. I can't thank everyone at Ceres Vet enough for everything they do!

    • Unique PinkyUnique Pinky

      I was a little unhappy with unexpected cost to get my Pink Princess better. However, I want to say that Ceres Veterinary Clinic has some amazing doctors and staff. I love how they care for your animal. It so cute how you see your dog name on the board outside when you walk up. They provide 5 star service! I'm very pleased with them.

    • Cindy E.Cindy E.

      Dr. Judge is the best! I would've given 5 stars but there's always too long of a wait past my appointment time. 2 hours there last time.

    • Allen CasonAllen Cason

      The people are very kind and treat my baby with care! If you're looking for a place to have your pet taken care of there is no better place the staff are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet total 5 stars

    • Mj M.Mj M.

      Ceres Veterinary clinic is a classy, well run place with a wonderful team of staff and Veterinarians. They work well together, are up to date on new drug...

    • Collins-Juarez DeborahCollins-Juarez Deborah

      We took our Nemo to Ceres Vet with a friends recommendation . So glad we made that choice. Very courteous and friendly not to mention how informational Dr Bettencourt was to us!