Amazing staff who are very attentive and knowledgeable. Veterinarian is super sweet and takes the time to listen to you and answer all questions. I’m highly impressed.
Renee C.
The staff is friendly and sweet and considerate with their recommendations.
I am always greeted with smiles and courtesy! The vets are amazing, the staff are amazing…I highly recommend anyone to Ceres Veterinary Clinic.
Cheri B.
Very nice women who work at the desk and they give helpful tips when needed on giving medication to my dog.
Every single person who works at Ceres Vet goes above and beyond the call of duty and treats every pet who walks through those doors as if they were their own. I will always recommend Ceres Vet Clinic above all other clinics. They are amazing.
Kendra V.
The staff is very friendly and considerate of different circumstances and the Drs. take great care of your fur babies. I recommend them to anyone who wants their pets in good hands.
Chansophia O.
Finding a good vet who is also has reasonably prices is hard to do. You folks are reasonably priced and considerate of both the pets and owners needs.
Lela R.
I have been bringing my babies to y’all for about 17 or 18 years now. The Staff have always treated me like family. I recommend you guys to everyone. I love you all to pieces. Each and Every One of You.
William T.
Everyone is so friendly and you can tell they all genuinely love animals which is a plus…I love Ceres Veterinary Clinic..I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Chantel T.
The staff is friendly and professional. My dog Sarah was born there by emergency Cesarean on January 21, 2009. I’ve been going there ever since.
Linda O.
The staff is very patient and courteous, they have knowledgeable answers to the question asked and they go out of their way to accommodate the pets and pet owner needs. I could not go anywhere else for my two little furry kids!!!
Simona B.
I have been coming there for many years and all the front staff, the techs, and vets have always been nothing but professional, caring and friendly. I trust them with my most valued possession, my dogs.
Holly N.
Your service was extraordinary, Piper actually enjoyed the visit. Everyone showed great concern about her health and comfort. You were all very friendly and prompt. Thank u for showing what great customer service you provide.
Jennie L.
Very good visit. Valentine pranced out to the car. Not any lighter in weight, but her leg sure feels better. Thank you for showing my pets true doctor love!
DeeDee H.
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    • Collins-Juarez DeborahCollins-Juarez Deborah

      We took our Nemo to Ceres Vet with a friends recommendation . So glad we made that choice. Very courteous and friendly not to mention how informational Dr Bettencourt was to us!

    • Lisa P.Lisa P.

      I think we have seen every doctor in the office over the years. They are all very different, but obviously caring and competent. I would have any doctor in...

    • Carol JonesCarol Jones

      Ceres vet is wonderful! They are so very caring with my cat. I love how my cats name is on the board outside as you walk up to the door. The whole staff are very friendly and helpful!

    • Denice Liles RobinsonDenice Liles Robinson

      Just wanted to say thanks again for the special attention and care you all gave to Deeko ! You guys are the best !

    • Vicki RayVicki Ray

      Absolutely love Ceres Vet Clinic! Dr. Bettencourt and his whole staff are awesome! I have 4 furry babies ranging from 11 yrs. to 4 months old and I would never even consider taking them anywhere else. I just moved from Ceres to Stockton and even though the drive is longer, it is worth it. Lots of love and care is what you get at Ceres Veterinary Clinic and I highly recommend it!

    • Beth SlavinBeth Slavin

      when we got our 6 week old Bassett hound we thought we had a healthy pup four days of having her she was sick and no vet would take us in Dr Cassidy welcomed us. none of us thought she would survive but here it is 2 years later and miss copper is healthy. Then we had to bring in our english mastiff with possibilities of having to either amputate or put her down. today miss molly mae is fully recovered with all four legs.

    • Cathy Summers MaynardCathy Summers Maynard

      For all people that lives in Ceres and has a pet, if you ever need the need of a vet, this is the a1 best place to take them too. The staff is so kind, understanding, caring, and truly care for you and your pets needs. The vet there is one of the BEST vets ive ever met. Shes extremely knowledgable, understanding, and truely empathetic to you and your pets needs. She really knows what shes doing, and you can feel she choose this field of work from the love she has with animals in her heart. This is a twenty star place for sure.