Wellness & Vaccinations

What does it take to keep your pet well?

It’s a question every pet owner must ask himself on a regular basis. The problem is, many otherwise responsible animal owners make the critical error of believing that they only need to bring their pet in for veterinary care when they are sick or have been injured. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, ongoing wellness care is the greatest gift you can give your cherished companion because it’s the most effective way to improve their chances of a long, happy and healthy life.

Wellness visits allow us to both monitor your pet’s current health and to manage that health over time, preventing disease whenever possible and catching existing health problems in a timely manner. Ceres Veterinary Clinic offers comprehensive wellness services for pets of all ages. What’s more, our wellness services have been designed to address your pet’s changing health care needs as they navigate through each stage of life, from vaccinations for puppies and kittens to weight management and health screenings for adult dogs and cats, to specialized care to help senior pets enjoy happier, more comfortable lives.

One of the most important benefits of wellness care is the opportunity these annual or semi-annual visits provide our experienced veterinarians to identify health concerns as soon as they occur. When we are able to catch the signs of disease in its earliest stages, we are provided with much more time and many more options for treating that disease most effectively. In many cases, our doctors are able to address a potential medical problem before it even has a chance to develop and worsen, greatly improving the chances of a positive outcome.

Wellness visits at Ceres Veterinary Clinic include complete “nose to tail” physical examinations, during which the doctor will check your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and coat. We’ll also listen to your pet’s heart and lungs to make sure everything is functioning as it should be on the inside. Certain diagnostic tests may be ordered to further assess your pet’s health. Wellness visits also provide us with the chance to discuss and make recommendations on such things as parasite control, microchipping, nutrition and weight management, behavior and more.

A customized vaccination plan will also be developed and implemented during your pet’s routine wellness visits. Vaccines help to protect companion animals from a wide variety of serious, sometimes life threatening illnesses and diseases. Yet, just because a vaccine exists, doesn’t necessarily mean your pet needs it. The goal is to protect your companion without overmedicating. To that end, your pet’s vaccination plan will be tailored specifically to his or her needs and risk factors.

Finally, although certainly of equal importance, wellness visits allow us to get to know you and your pet better and to form a strong, lifelong relationship with you both. We believe that every animal should share a special bond with their vet, and we strive to develop and foster that bond with each and every interaction. The better we come to know you and understand your pet’s unique needs, the better we’ll be able to create the most customized and effective health care plan possible.

If you want to know the best way to keep your pet healthy and happy, it starts with a solid foundation of wellness and preventative care. Don’t wait until your companion gets sick to bring them in to see us! Give them the gift of a lifetime of good health through wellness care!

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    • Cameron CallantaCameron Callanta

      Takes great care of my babies

    • Jennifer Purdom FortuneJennifer Purdom Fortune

      Dr. Cassiday and the rest of the staff are amazing!! One of my dogs suffers from seizures. Originally he was having 2-3 seizures every 3-4 weeks and there was a point last year where we didn't think he was going to make it. Dr. Cassiday worked hard to find a combination of medications that would work for our little guy. We just got home from our annual check up. I am happy to report Kilo is doing great and is 3.5 months seizure free. I can't thank everyone at Ceres Vet enough for everything they do!

    • Angie JohnsonAngie Johnson

      The staff is amazing...very compassionate. They have been our furbabies Drs for a very long time and have been with us through the good times and bad. You will never find anyplace better to care for your 4 legged family <3

    • Cynthia BarberCynthia Barber

      Everyone at the clinic is caring and professional. My two poodle children are in very good hands. Other clinics animal and "people" could learn from the Staff and Vets at Ceres Veterinary Clinic

    • Cathy Summers MaynardCathy Summers Maynard

      For all people that lives in Ceres and has a pet, if you ever need the need of a vet, this is the a1 best place to take them too. The staff is so kind, understanding, caring, and truly care for you and your pets needs. The vet there is one of the BEST vets ive ever met. Shes extremely knowledgable, understanding, and truely empathetic to you and your pets needs. She really knows what shes doing, and you can feel she choose this field of work from the love she has with animals in her heart. This is a twenty star place for sure.

    • Lorene Stanton BrinkLorene Stanton Brink

      The staff are so friendly and helpful. They treated our dogs and kitten like they were their own animals. Highly recommend them.

    • Sherry BallietSherry Balliet

      Very loving and caring staff
      I absolutely love Dvm Susan Olivia’s