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What does being a pet owner mean to you? To most of us – the ones who truly cherish these special relationships – sharing our lives with an animal is a privilege. These precious four-legged creatures have a way of wagging their tails or purring their way right into our hearts, and providing us with the purest, most unconditional love we could ever experience. Nobody understands this incredible animal-human bond quite like the team at Ceres Veterinary Clinic. In fact, it’s what drives us to do our very best in everything we do.

At Ceres, we specialize in offering high quality medicine at affordable prices. We offer a full range of comprehensive medical, dental, diagnostic and surgical services, as well as a number of alternative medical options. We always provide a variety of options to fit any budget, because we feel you should never have to sacrifice quality care just because of cost. More importantly, we focus on delivering these services with the highest level of care and compassion. We genuinely care for our patients and this, in turn, helps us to connect with our clients on a personal level.

From the moment you enter the doors of our clinic, you’ll notice we’re not quite the same as other clinics you may have been to. You won’t find a cold, unwelcoming atmosphere or stuffy staff members who are too busy to take the time to listen to you and get to know your pet. Ceres Veterinary Clinic is different. We always go the extra mile to make our clients and patients feel comfortable, from pheromone diffusers that are designed to calm even the most anxious dog or cat to blankets for warmth and comfort to the extra treat or two we offer to show your pet how special and loved they are. To us, you are more than just a number – you are a part of our family!

Our goal, with every check up or procedure we perform, is to do whatever it takes to extend and improve the lives of animals, and to strengthen the bond they share with their caretakers. We consider you to be an important part of your pet’s health care team, and we aim to provide you with all of the education and support you need to keep your companion happy and healthy for life. We consider it an honor to partner with you in this amazing journey and we’re prepared to be with you – every step of the way – to provide your pet with a lifetime of exceptional care.

New clients are always welcome to join the Ceres Veterinary Clinic family! If you recently relocated to the Ceres area, just adopted a new furry family member or you’re just tired of not being treated with the compassion and respect you and your pet both deserve, we encourage you to give us a try! Come see what a difference personalized care can make! Your Ceres veterinarian can’t wait to meet you.

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